Verify Marriage Certificate in Ghana

Verify Marriage Certificate in Ghana

AFRIKEM GROUP will help you verify marriage certificate in Ghana within 3 days. Our document verification services are used by both individuals and by institutions such as embassies, migration departments, the judicial system, companies, and in resolving family and inheritance disputes. To verify marriage certificate in Ghana has never been easier especially for those in the diaspora.

How We Verify Marriage Certificate in Ghana

For many years there was a need to revolutionize how document verification and document procurement are being carried out. 10 years ago, most people would verify marriage certificate in Ghana by physically showing up in the offices. Today, with the help of AFRIKEM GROUP, you are in a better position to verify marriage certificate in Ghana from the comfort of your office or home. That’s being posited that our online document verification services will get things done for you.

We’re Not All About Document Verification in Africa.

We refuse to believe that document authentication is all we can do. So we decided to expand the horizon of our business operations. We ventured into insurance claim investigation. The reason that compelled us to go a notch higher is because of the close relationship between document verification and insurance investigation.

Relationship Between Document Verification and Insurance Claim Investigation

They both involve background checks, some form of investigation, and serve the same purpose of building prosperity through transparency. In document verification, we visit offices and institutions to determine whether the document was issued by the office in question or not. The same applies to insurance claim investigation. It must be ascertained that the policyholder is deceased and that their death occurred the way it’s being described. We verify death certificate, burial permit, morgue report, crash sites (for death due to road accident), and graveyard to take pictures of evidence. In this regard, you’d be forgiven if you thought document verification is quite similar to insurance claim investigation. The only difference is that the latter is a more complicated process.

Should you want to verify marriage certificate in Ghana online, kindly contact us for more details.

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