Verify Birth Certificate in Nigeria

Verify Birth Certificate in Nigeria

Let AFRIKEM GROUP verify birth certificate in Nigeria for you. Document verification services of this type suit Nigerians in the diaspora, insurance companies, migration institutions, embassies, and sometimes employers.

If you’re caught up in a situation that you lose your birth certificate that you obtained from Home Affairs of Nigeria or if you’re an official from an institution that wants to conduct background screening; then, this service is for you.

Sometimes your family and relatives back in Nigeria are not able to verify birth certificate in Nigeria for one reason or another. Or perhaps you are not comfortable delegating the work of birth certificate verification to your family or relative for reasons you know better, you won’t go wrong hiring experts from AFRIKEM GROUP. With a small fee, you can order us to verify birth certificate in Nigeria. Or even procure one in the event that you lose the original copy. The best thing is that our online systems maintain a 24/7 presence. We work hard to make our clients happy. Among the ways of making customers smile is our shipping program. This means that we obtain a copy of birth certificate in Nigeria in your place and courier it to you; or to the country, you reside in or to your workplace. The outcome is you receive a hard copy of your original birth certificate.

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