Authenticate Marriage Certificate in Gambia

Authenticate Marriage Certificate in Gambia If you’re Gambian, married in Gambia but lives overseas you can use our services to authenticate marriage certificate in Gambia. Coming back to Gambia to check your marriage certificate status of authenticity is a time consuming process. Not to mention expensive. To authenticate marriage certificate in Gambia in person, you […]

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Marriage Certificate Verification in Nigeria

AFRIKEM GROUP is a document verification company based in Kenya but operating in more than 70 countries. We have conducted marriage certificate verification in Nigeria and in other countries inside and outside Africa. Nigeria is a Sub Saharan country in the west of Africa. With a population of the upward of 200 million and a […]

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Verify Birth Certificate in Nigeria

Let AFRIKEM GROUP verify birth certificate in Nigeria for you. Document verification services of this type suit Nigerians in the diaspora, insurance companies, migration institutions, embassies, and sometimes employers. If you’re caught up in a situation that you lose your birth certificate that you obtained from Home Affairs of Nigeria or if you’re an official […]

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Verify Marriage Certificate in Nigeria

You want to verify marriage certificate in Nigeria but have no time due to other commitments or lack money and time to come back to Nigeria yourself? Then we are in the best position to assist you. Whether you’re an embassy, an individual or an organization. It is of the paramount importance to have an understanding […]

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Verify Birth Certificate in Ghana

Now there is a cheaper and more assured way to verify birth certificate in Ghana. This is thanks to the high tech and dedicated team of professionals at AFRIKEM GROUP. Before I start writing about how to verify birth certificate in Ghana, it is important to understand Ghana. Ghana is one of the fastest-growing economies […]

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Verify Marriage Certificate in Ghana

AFRIKEM GROUP will help you verify marriage certificate in Ghana within 3 days. Our document verification services are used by both individuals and by institutions such as embassies, migration departments, the judicial system, companies, and in resolving family and inheritance disputes. To verify marriage certificate in Ghana has never been easier especially for those in […]

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Copy of Birth Certificate in Gambia

Have wondered how you can possibly get a copy of birth certificate in Gambia online? Are you a Gambian citizen working or living in Germany, United Kingdom, the USA, China, Australia, and France, South Africa or other nation that isn’t Gambia? Have lost your original birth certificate, marriage certificate, academic papers, or certificate of good […]

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Copy Of Marriage Certificate in Gambia

If you’re Gambian diaspora and you want to obtain a copy of marriage certificate in Gambia because you no longer have the original marriage certificate, AFRIKEM GROUP would meet your needs. Document Verification Made Easier AFRIKEM GROUP has revolutionized the way document verification is conducted in Banjul, the Gambia. In the past, Gambians living outside […]

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Investing in Nigeria

INVESTING IN NIGERIA: A GUIDE TO FOREIGN INVESTORS  Are you interested in Investing in Nigeria but don’t know how to better explore business opportunities in the country? If yes, the following is guide about investing in Nigeria: A Guide to Foreign Investors. It’s a brief overview. For a full paper kindly contact us for a […]

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